The seal, it is broken

While casting about for a killer idea for a high-concept single-issue blog1 I came to realize that what the world actually needs most of all is another totally unfocused ego-driven blog featuring day-late smart-ass comments on the same stuff that everyone in the blogosphere (how I love that word) is covering.

Ideally it will have no connection at all with anything in the real physical world. And lots of robotic comments about online poker sites and v1@gr@. My cat pictures with hilarious slogans, let me show you them. All your something are belong to something. I am aware of all internet traditions, and so on. Is it too early to ask for PayPal donations?


[UPDATE 23:45 GMT 08/21/2008] FULL DISCLOSURE ETHICS IN BLOGGING I added a blank line above the footnotes because the spacing was bothering me END UPDATE


1) — Unfortunately carstereo.wordpress.com2 already exists, and is, I must say, doing an admirable job of rendering completely redundant all possible future comment on car stereos.

2) — Which, along with all the other orphaned single-post blogs out there, makes me want to just leave this post up, all by itself, forever.


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