Every time I think I’m out…

I’m still determined to stay aloof from the presidential contest. But it occurred to me today, while digesting with appropriate shock the news of McCain’s hilariously poor vice-presidential pick, that he just might be sending the Democrats the message that he can nominate a pumpkin on a stick and still win, with the help of a bit of the old “election fraud.” After all, I’ll never forget — I was there, in Florida in 20001.

I don’t actually believe it for a second — in fact I think history will show that it’s one for the foot-shooting hall of fame, and this thing is as good as over — but I just want to be on record as having said it, so I can’t possibly be disappointed by the results.

Postscript: yes, I went there. Check out my upcoming 9-part series on electronic voter fraud in Ohio 2004, and also a lot of really excellent “first!!1!” comments on Atrios.


1) — I was not there. But I was covering it for talk radio at the time2, so I know what I’m talking about.

2) — Actually I was a producer3, not a host or a reporter per se, but I think you’ll still find I’m uniquely qualified to offer my opinion.

3) — A “technical producer” in fact, which if you get right down to it means that I was responsible for keeping the microphone signals within a reasonable range, and also pressing buttons and causing things like commercials and traffic reports to be played. I believe my original point still stands.


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