Slow news month

I wonder if it’s a general fact of American life that everyone, at least everyone with political opinions, goes completely insane for a few months in advance of every presidential election, or if it’s something new. Even in 1996 I sort of hazily remember watching something about the Bosnian war on television at very nearly the last possible moment and coming away from it feeling like I had to register a protest vote for Ralph Nader instead of Bill Clinton. This was the one and only time I have ever been ahead of the political curve.

This time around, frankly, I was skeptical about the wisdom of nominating a woman and/or a black man to put an end to the Democratic party’s decade of uselessness. From the looks of it history is about to prove me a cynic. I see looking back over the archives that I was on record during the Republican convention as having said that the race was as good as over. And if I remember correctly it was about two weeks later that I actually started believing it.

Anyway the point is I’m sure everyone will be back to normal on Wednesday. I predict a quiet day around the newspapers and the blogs, with almost nobody, on either the losing side or the winning, saying anything totally ridiculous and embarrassing and un-live-downable. I certainly didn’t post anything melodramatic in the days after the 2004 election on the now-deleted blog I used to have, which no you will not ever ever see.


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